Do you do Custom Tours?

Absolutely! We love creating one-off custom tours, whether by sidecar or not! Just send us a message via our CONTACT FORM with your request, whether fully detailed or half-baked, let’s talk!

Are your tours safe?

YES, all of our guides are experienced motorcyclists and hold full unrestricted motorcycle licenses. Furthermore, speed limits within Paris are limited to either 30 or 50 kms/hour. We rarely ever reach these speeds.

Do you provide any gear?

YES, we provide helmets and ponchos in case of rain.

Do your tours go out in inclement weather?

YES, Rain in Paris rarely lasts and is rarely heavy. We provide rain ponchos if it does rain.

Can I cancel my tour in case of rain?

MAYBE, if you cancel more than 72 hours before the start of your tour. YES with full refund. After 72 hours, you may postpone your tour, but cannot be refunded.

Are you insured?

YES, Txango Tours has third party liability insurance with AXA Assurances. Our policy n° is on our legal notice page.

Can I drive or rent your sidecar motorcycles?

NO, Txango Tours is insured for guided tourism, not vehicle rental, and cannot allow its guests to drive the vehicles.

Do you offer hotel pick-up and drop-off services?

MAYBE, this will depend on a few factors, notably where your accommodation is relative to where we are, and how many other tours or pick-up requests we have already scheduled. If we honour a pick-up or drop-off request, there is no extra cost to you. Please contact us for pick-up & drop-off requests.

Are your tours safe?