Visit Paris and Versailles
on a sidecar motorcycle

Travel is a celebration as well as an opportunity to leave your comfort zone, and dive into the wonderful excitement of the exceptional, the odd, and the uncommon. What better way to embody this than using a motorcycle and sidecar

Discover Paris


Holidays and vacation are sacred. Time should not be wasted sitting in a bus, or in public transportation.

Our mission is to provide guests the ability to visit local attractions while having a great experience with a knowledgeable guide, and an out-of-the-ordinary means of conveyance.

Reviews and testimonials

Chad WillardsonChad Willardson
07:53 01 Aug 22
What a fantastic tour! He was so knowledgeable and passionate about the history and was great at answering all our questions. The ride in the side cars were fun. We had 3 of us on our tour. I highly recommend it. And book DIRECTLY through his website. He’s a local small business owner and it saves him 30% fees when you don’t go through travel agency websites. We appreciated this fun tour around Paris!
Janine MarinoJanine Marino
15:22 30 Jul 22
We took a sidecar tour with Simon while on vacation. It was the best experience we had during our week in Paris. Simon was so personable, the sidecar was fun and he personalized the tour and gave us some great recommendations. His knowledge of history was vast and it was nice to get to some unexpected sites other than all the usual tourist attractions. He gave us recommendations for restaurants when we asked him and dropped us at a different ending point so that we'd be closest to the next place we were going. All in all, a wonderful experience that we would definitely recommend. Thank you, Simon!
Natalie MorganNatalie Morgan
17:56 24 Jul 22
Absolutely fantastic experience. Cannot recommend the tour and Simon highly enough. My teenage daughter and I did the 2 hour Paris monuments tour first thing on a Saturday morning. Neither of us had been on a motorbike before but that didn’t matter. Simon is a brilliant guide, a really nice guy, it’s his business and he’s both knowledgeable and enthusiastic. The bike is new but of a classic design, it’s beautiful. My daughter said the side car was really comfy. This was a perfect introduction for my daughter to Paris. It was a lovely mother and daughter experience neither of us will forget. No regrets. Just do it!
Nicholas BaréNicholas Baré
10:54 20 Jul 22
We had an AMAZING time with Simon on the Txango tour! Simon was a great guide; cheerfrul, and full of local facts. The trip itself covered a really diverse amount of sites, and being on the bike meant that you saw daily life in Paris from a new perspective. Sitting on the back of the bike was munch more comfortable than I expected too! :) Thanks Simon - no doubt you're going to have a busy summer! Nicholas & Fiona
Davin KumarDavin Kumar
10:57 19 Jul 22
Unique and fun family experience!Simon and Jean at Txango Tours Paris are fab! We booked the 90 min sidecar bike tour across Paris on our recent visit and cannot stop raving about this experience enough.We have 2 young, hyperactive daughters under the age of 8 and they specifically had an incredible time exploring Paris. The side car ride was deceptively therapeutic and the kids were able to sit through and enjoy the tour, plus us parents got to learn about the wonderful historical landmarks.Simon is able to keep your family entertained, share interesting insights on monuments and engage everyone in our family with the thrill of the sidecar ride. It's such a unique way to experience a city!
Juanita HarrisonJuanita Harrison
19:59 17 Jul 22
Was such fun doing a tour of Paris in a motorcycle sidecar on the Vice to Violence tour. A rare opportunity. This was my first visit to Paris and I was travelling on my own but I wanted to see more than the usual sights. It was special fun to see sights one is less likely to come across with Simon’s interesting insights into the underbelly of Paris and quirky historical events. Simon was a gracious host who cares about his business. So glad I came across this and would definitely do another tour with Simon, and recommend to others who want to see a different side to Paris in a different way.
Courtney ZurichCourtney Zurich
18:06 16 Jul 22
Simon was an amazing tour guide! We were able to be flexible about routes based on conditions and he gave some great history of Paris monuments and France that I was not previously aware of. Riding in the side car was so fun! Such a cool and unique way to experience the city and get some history!
Cher LemosCher Lemos
18:41 13 Jul 22
Simon loves his job, and it shows! My family took a quick three day trip to Paris while staying in Germany. Hands down, this was the high-light of our trip. The teenagers loved it, the young adults loved it and the parents loved it. The trip gives you a different view of Paris and all it has to offer. Simon's historical knowledge of Paris is outstanding and he and his team were tons of fun. We laughed, talked some trash (because that is what our family does) and enjoyed our time with them. Our only regret was not being able to do a second tour in our limited time in Paris. I will recommend this tour to everyone that I meet and plan to do another tour when we visit Paris again.
Shelly NyqvistShelly Nyqvist
21:56 07 Jul 22
Hands down one of the MUST-DO things in Paris—even for locals. The monuments tour was fantastically fun and Simon shared quirky tidbits of Paris history. You really get a different perspective weaving through traffic by motorcycle. I'm already plotting my next sidecar tours... Montmartre, Versailles, a picnic, ?????
Richa MirdhaRicha Mirdha
16:18 28 Jun 22
The side car tour with Simon was one of the highlights of our trip. My friend and I arrived late due to unavoidable circumstances. Inspite of the delay he was so gracious when we met him. (Sorry Simon! I’m not the tardy type so it’s still killing me! 🙈)We loved seeing Paris from the back of a motorcycle. The side car gave a totally new perspective of the city. He took us to see monuments that we wouldn’t have ordinarily gone to, and even took photographs on the way.Highly recommend Simon as a tour guide for Paris. Not only is he knowledgeable about the monuments and history of the city, he has a funny and engaging way of telling it. I’m definitely booking the tour on my next trip with the kids. They’ll love his beautiful bike and this novel way of seeing a city.
Lauren BLauren B
11:38 18 Jun 22
3 words - SO - MUCH - FUN!what an amazing way to visit the beautiful city of Paris, zooming through the city in a sidecar was a unique experience. My friend and I did the Vice & Violence tour, Simon the tourguide/driver had a very expansive knowledge of Paris history with lots of fun anecdotes. I highly recommend :) Thanks Simon!
Ian BurdonIan Burdon
13:41 15 Jun 22
Awesome!!!! Simon is a wealth of information on the history of Paris and a fantastic guide.I would have liked to have done the Vice and Violence tour but time would not permit.Perhaps next trip. The absolute BEST way to see this fascinating city.Thanks again Simon 👍
Butch FreyButch Frey
11:21 02 Jun 22
My son and daughter-in-law gifted a monuments tour for my birthday. Simon is a great guide! Aside, the sidecar is surprisingly comfortable. I was able to stretch out my legs and it was amazingly easy to get in and out. I really appreciate Simon's personable approach and his sensitivity to what the customer is looking for. I am already planning a tour for my wife! Thanks, Simon, for a great tour. I will be recommending to my friends.
Diane Sakakini-RaoDiane Sakakini-Rao
09:36 11 May 22
I did a Paris monuments tour with Simon last week with my friend Gail and we absolutely LOVED our experience! I've been coming to Paris for 40 years, but had never seen the sites from the back of a motorcycle before, and it was a total blast. Simon knows his history and was able to bring each monument to life. He is a sweetheart. I would highly recommend this on your next visit to Paris. It would be a great thing to do on your first day to get an overview of the city - or any day! Can't wait to do his Versailles tour one day soon.
Abby ThompsonAbby Thompson
00:50 11 May 22
Had the BEST time with Simon taking not one, but two sidecar tours in the same week! I did my first ride solo, having a great time chatting and hanging out with Simon during the two hours in the sidecar. He's knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to stop for plenty of photos along the way (10/10 taking ALL the pictures while on this tour) and kindly provided helpful recommendations for the rest of my time in Paris. Within the same trip, I ended up booking the picnic tour for myself and a friend to take a ride, stopping for cheese, wine, and snacks at a few perfectly picturesque Paris locations. Riding both in the sidecar and on the back of the bike were SO fun, zipping around Paris on a gorgeous spring day felt like a dream and I would 100% book a tour again!
This was the most fun I had on a Paris tour! Simon is a wealth of information and riding around the city in the sidecar was fantastic! The only thing I didn't like was that it ended - that just means I will need to book another tour with Simon very soon. Thank you very much!!
13:54 28 Apr 22
The best adventure in Paris! Vice and Violence tour was amazing, and you get to zip around in the most stylish sidecar that gets a lot of attention as you tour around. Simon is great -very knowledgeable and fun. I cannot recommend this enough.
Yvonne MarieYvonne Marie
12:44 06 Apr 22
Oh my goodness! Can't say enough how much my husband and I enjoyed this tour! If you like the back stories behind some of the iconic sights of Paris, this is right up your alley. Simon is very knowledgeable and presents the info in a very engaging and interesting way. He gives lots of opportunities to stop and discuss the sights and get some great pictures. And if you think you might be even the slightest bit interested in riding on a sidecar through Paris, this is definitely for you. Seeing traffic from that perspective was a blast! Two hours went by like 15 minutes. Simon is a great guide--very friendly and engaging. Highly recommend this tour!

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