Montmartre Sidecar Tour

Sidecar Tour
of Montmartre

Understand the relationship between Paris and Montmartre. Through the centuries, the ties that bound the lives of these two towns were often those of vice, and violence.

From the execution of Saint Denis to the brothels of the 19th century, you will discover the heady days of La Belle Epoch, the chaos of various sieges and occupations. This sidecar tour of Montmartre is carefully built for those who wish to know the flamboyant yet gritty underbelly of the soul of this iconic neighborhood.

Zooming through Montmartre on a sidecar tour
Visite the iconic Montmartre neighborhood on a thrilling sidecar motorcycle ride!

Off-the-beaten path Sidecar Tour of Montmartre

Throughout this tour, you will indulge in the lesser known outrageous, unbelievable, and incredible stories of Paris’ history

This tour begins on the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. We wind our way up through town to see the remnants of the golden age of prostitution in Paris, and explore Montmartre in detail before returning to the Pont de Bir-Hakeim. 

Tour duration

2 hours tour of Paris and Montmartre
Available everyday


Siege and subterfuge
Riots, revolts and revolution
Napoleon, brothels and bistros
The Commune
The Sacré Coeur


prices start at €198 for first guest, -50% off second guest
Room for one in the basket and one on the bike
Up to 8 guests with our small fleet of sidecars

Meeting point

Meeting point 810 Pont de Bir-Hakeim according to Google Maps NOT Apple Maps
Hotel pick-up not guaranteed. Inquire for more information

Sightseeing in Montmartre by Sidecar Motorcycle

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