Secrets of the Left Bank

The lesser known
stories about Paris

From Montparnasse to the Latin Quarter, this 2 hour tour explores the unknown stories which made Paris the city it is today.

Who were the first people to settle the area, and what were they like? How did the Romans deal with them? How does Brittany and the United States overlap in Paris? The Left Bank of Paris holds so many secrets, this tour is dedicated to unearthing some of the more interesting ones!

On the menu

Transportation from stop to stop is done with our fabulous Watsonian Sidecar-equipped motorcycles. Your driver/tour guide will have everything required for an excellent experience. All you need to bring is your curiosity!

Tour duration

2 hours


Cruise through Montparnasse, up to the Pantheon, and back through the Latin Quarter.


178€ for one guest, and 50% off for second guest Room for one in the basket and one on the bike
Up to 6 guests with a second & third sidecar

Meeting point

810 Pont de Bir-Hakeim according to Google Maps NOT Apple Maps

Some of our moments captured in time

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