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About Txango Tours

First of all, what does “txango” mean? It’s a word I borrowed from a region I hold dear; the Basque Country. It is where I practiced for and passed, my French motorcycle license exam. The region overlaps south western France & north eastern Spain. Pronounced Chang-Go, this word has multiple meanings, such as: “excursion”, “leisurely outing” and “journey by unconventional means”

Who am I ?

My name is Simon Burke. I began working in tourism in 2008. I wanted to be a history teacher, but upon my return to France, found a job as a tour guide.

After that first incredible week I decided to focus on the tourism industry. 12 years later and still in tourism, I had the opportunity to strike out on my own adventure.

I love motorcycles, and I love being a tour guide. Txango Tours is the product of a combination of my two passions.

A passion passed down from generation to generation

A sense of fun and adventure runs in the family. My paternal grandmother was a tour guide, and she would regale me with stories of riding through her native Alsace in the sidecar of her father’s motorcycle.

Meanwhile in neighboring Lorraine, my maternal great grandfather also rode a motorcycle and sidecar. His son, my mischievous great uncle, forged his father’s signature in order to purchase, underage, his first motorcycle.